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create a TableView in ios swift xcode

create a TableView in ios swift xcode It is very simple to create a table view in ios swift.But first you know that how to create a ne...

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

A project report format for the SAD REPORT, SEMINAR REPORT

Submitted to the  University Name
Partial Fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of(example)

Submitted to
 University Name

                                 Guide By                                                                    Submitted By                                                                
           <Guide Name>                       <Name of Students>


your college name



This is to certify that the present SAD Report “Title” is submitted by <Students Name>  to  YOUR COLLEGE NAME  for DGREE NAME. They have completed this work under my supervision and no part of this SAD report has been submitted for the issue of any other degree or diploma.
We recommend that this may be accepted for the issue of DGREE NAME.

(Principal)                          (Head of Department)                (Designation)        


Exchange of ideas generates the new object to work in better way whenever a person is helped and cooperated by others his heart is bound to pay gratitude and obligation to them. To develop a project’s SAD Report is not a one man show. It is essentially a collective work, where every step taken with all precautions and care. Therefore first duty is to thanks all people who took pain in completing this project.
Firstly we thank <Guide Name>, who gave us inspiration to do work in this field and gave us his precious time whenever needed. Thank may be matter of merely formality but with us it is expression of heartfelt gratitude to our project’s SAD Report supervision. We are highly indebted for his gestures. We are also thankful to HOD, Your Department Name and faculty members for invaluable suggestions and boosting confidence to make this successful. We also thank our class fellows and friends, who helped us a lot during our project work.

<Students Name>

                                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS
1. Introduction
      1.1   Overview
      1.2    Project objection
      1.3    Project scope
2. Oraganization Overview
3. System Study
      3.1       Need
      3.2       Project concept & features
      3.3       Existing System
      3.4       Proposed System
      3.5       Feasibility Study
      3.5.1    Economics
      3.5.2    Technical
      3.5.3    Operational
4. Cost benefit analysis
5. System analysis
6. General Description
7. Data flow Diagram
E-R diagram
8. System Design
      8.1   Input design
      8.2   Output design
      8.3   Data base design
9. System Testing
10. System implementation
11. Security Backup
12. Conclusion
13. Bibliography

<Sample Abstract>
Fashion  And  Clothing  is software which is helpful for maintaining information of customer and whole  seller. As and when the wears and clothes are bought, allocation takes place, which in turn leads to updating of the waiting list and stock. The system is also responsible for generating  reports showing details of  customers , whole  seller and the available stock. 
It is a real time project which implements the Billing and management system for the fashion wear.

 The  Fashion  And  Clothing provides access to administrator and User  to whom following responsibilities are assigned: 
1)   Authenticity of Users and Administrator. 

2) Adding new cloths and wears allotments. 

3) Adding new stock. 

4)  Adding new spares and stock updating

5) Adding or removing cloth’s details. 

6) Billing of items sold.

7) Stock maintenance.

8) Generation of various reports for monthly, yearly transactions.

9) Information about customers and whole sellers.


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